Randy's has the following sizes available:

Roll-off Temporary Dumpster Dimensions (outside measurements).

Container Size Length Width Height
10 Cubic Yard Roll-off (low style*) 22 feet 8 feet 2.5 feet
10 Cubic Yard Roll-off (high style*) 16 feet 6.5 feet 3.5 feet
15 Cubic Yard Roll-off (low style*) 22 feet 8 feet 3.5 feet
15 Cubic Yard Roll-off (high style*) 16 feet 6.5 feet 5 feet
20 Cubic Yard Roll-off (low style*) 22 feet 8 feet 4 feet
20 Cubic Yard Roll-off (high style*) 18 feet 6.5 feet 5.5 feet
30 Cubic Yard Roll-off 22 feet 8 feet 6 feet
40 Cubic Yard Roll-off 22 feet 8 feet 8 feet


All measurements are approximate and vary by manufacturer.
If you have special dimension requests, please clarify at the time of your order.
*We cannot guarantee specific requests for "low style" or "high style" containers.
10 ton legal load limit for all containers.


Driveway & Property Waiver:

When you contract with Randy’s Environmental Services for your construction or demolition project, Randy’s provides for the delivery and removal of dumpsters and Roll-off boxes. Randy’s Environmental Services may not enter your property without your express written permission.

Randy’s requires that you complete a driveway and property waiver that simply states that you are authorizing Randy’s Environmental Services to enter your property for the express purpose of moving trucks, vehicles, containers, and equipment onto or off of your property. This waiver must be completed and submitted to Randy’s Environmental Services prior to delivery of the containers.

Download property waiver form

You can fax the completed form to 763-972-6042 or drop it off at our office.

  • Acceptable Types of Loads
  • Items not accepted
  • Acceptable Types of Loads
    Randy’s accepts the following items in our rental dumpsters and roll-offs:


    • Construction/Demolition Load
      • Shingles/Tar Paper
      • Asphalt or Flat Roofing
      • Concreate/Block
      • Brick or other Masonry
      • Building Wires
      • Tin/Iron/Scrap Metal
      • Carpet/Padding (small %)
      • Vinyl & Linoleum
      • Siding
      • Building Glass/Windows
      • Sheetrock/Drywall
      • Lumber/Plywood (untreated)
      • Pallets
      • PVC and Metal Pipe
      • Insulation
      • Doors
      • Plaster
      • Sinks/Bathtubs
    • Trash Load
      • Household Trash
      • Garage clean-outs
      • Basement clean-outs
      • Misc. Junk Items
      • Furniture (extra charges may apply)
      • Carpet/Padding (large %)
      • All construction/demolition items
      • Treated lumber/treated timbers
    • Wood Recycle Load
      • Pallets
      • Dimension Lumber
      • Plywood
      • Crating
    • Scrap Metal Load
      • Sheet Metal
      • Cast Iron
      • Aluminum Cast
      • Aluminum Clip
      • Aluminum Siding
      • Steel Siding
      • Automotive Metals
      • Copper
      • Tin
    • Concrete/Asphalt Recycle Load
      • Concrete
      • Asphalt
      • Brick
      • Block
    • Cardboard/Paper Recycle Load
      • Cardboard
      • Boxboard
      • Office Paper
      • Newspaper
      • Magazines
  • Items not accepted
    Hazardous Materials: When certain household chemicals are not used up, they can become household hazardous waste (HHW). Many household products contain the same chemicals as strictly regulated industrial wastes and pose similar environmental and health problems. Although the quantities of chemicals disposed of by individual households may be small, the number of households in Minnesota are many, and the amount of waste adds up.

    Randy's does not accept items that are classified as "Hazardous".

    Common Unacceptable Materials:

    • Hazardous or Liquid Wastes
    • Paints
    • Asbestos
    • Gas Powered Refrigeration Units
    • Appliances (unprocessed)
    • Electronic Equipment
    • Tires
    • Batteries
    • Oil Filters
    • Lead
    • Barrels/Tanks
    • Chemicals/Liquids
    • Fluorescent/H.I.D. Bulbs
    • Ballasts/PCBs
    • Creosote Treated Wood
    • Railroad Ties
    • Compost/Grass/Leaves/Straw/Hay
    • Dirt/Clay
    • Brush/Stumps/Branches/Shrubs
    • Medical/Infectious Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the dumpster be placed in the street?

Each city has its own guidelines for allowing dumpsters to be placed on the street. It’s your responsibility to research and meet all city requirements for street use permits. All permits must be arranged prior to delivery of the dumpster. Permit fees are NOT included in your dumpster pricing. We’ll obtain the street permits if necessary for Minneapolis and St. Paul and charges will be passed on to you.

Do I need to call in for removal?

Yes, you must call and arrange the removal of the dumpster. Please know we must have clear access to dumpster. It’s important to make sure no vehicles or debris is in the way of the dumpster, and in winter months, any snow and ice must be removed to avoid trip charges.

How long can I have the dumpster on site? What if I need to extend the rental?

We’ll work hard to try to accommodate your dumpster needs. Based on the large demand for dumpsters, especially during the warmer weather, we may need to limit the time allowed for each rental. Additional rental day-charges could incur. Please feel free to discuss your questions and concerns with our customer service representative.

Road restrictions?

Weather is a large factor when road restrictions are implemented. Please refer to the Minnesota DOT website and your local city for information.

What if I need to change my dumpster order?

We certainly will do our best to accommodate your needs, but once the job has commenced, there may be additional charges if the order is changed.

What is the cost? Is there a discount for Randy’s customers?

The type of load does effect the cost of your dumpster. Please be sure to identify all items for disposal with our customer service representative when reviewing the cost estimate for your dumpster. To avoid costly additional charges, do not mix heavy construction materials with trash/municipal solid waste (MSW). If you add any unacceptable items, or extra-charge items, that will change the price of the load.

What size dumpster do I need for my project?

To help determine the size you may need, calculate the volume of your load. Here’s how: Multiply the Width in feet x the Height in feet x the Length in feet and divide by 27 to get cubic yards. Keep in mind that when you load the dumpster larger pieces will make a difference in the ability to fit all items into the dumpster. All items must be contained within the dumpster level full.

What types of materials go in a dumpster?

  • Construction/Demolition Load
  • Trash Load
  • Wood Recycle Load
  • Scrap Metal Recycle Load
  • Concrete/Asphalt Recycle Load
  • Cardboard/Paper Recycle Load

Commercial Testimonial - Elim-Baptist Church

We received quotes from several refuse collection companies and not only was Randy's the best price, but their customer service was outstanding. That is what really sold us on our decision to go with Randy's. They have continued to have top notch customer service and go above and beyond the larger companies. We are very happy with the service and would highly recommend Randy's Environmental Services!
Elim-Baptist Church
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