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In December, Randy’s was acquired by Republic Services.  We are now operating as Randy’s Sanitation, a Republic Services Company.  Our local team is excited that this transition offers the best of both worlds: we have the support and resources of a national organization with a family-owned history and culture.  We will continue to provide the same great service you have come to expect.  Our local customer service representatives are here to help.  If you have a question please give us a call at (763) 972-3335.

There are many things that should not be put in the recycling bin. Some of these things are made of recyclable material, but they still should always be put in the trash. These items are commonly referred to as “tanglers” and they refer to items such as holiday lights, hoses, ropes, and other cords that are easily tangled. Below, we tell you exactly why you should avoid putting these things in your recycling bin.

Why You Should Not Recycle Tanglers

As mentioned above, some tanglers are made of recyclable material such as paper cords or plastic tubes. This is because these items can get tangled around sorting equipment at the recycling plant. When this happens, the whole facility has to be shut down and stop working to fix the equipment. Not only does this reduce the efficiency of the plant, but it also puts workers in danger. So, the next time you are considering putting long, string-like material in your recycling bin, please remember what happens when these items get to the plant.

What to Do With Tanglers

You may be wondering, What should I do with my items then? If you must get rid of the item or if you have no other use for it, throw it away in your normal trash can. Before you send the item off in your trash bin, ask yourself if you could use the item again. There are often times many great uses for these items like phone charger organization, filler for a vase, and even to tie an old tire to a tree branch to make a swing. The truth is, there are hundreds of uses for these items if you want to get creative. If the item can be reused by someone else, you can also donate it to a local donation center.

If you have any questions about whether or not something can be recycled, please contact us. We would love to help you decide where to put your household items and make things easier for you. If you would like to start recycling, we offer affordable recycling, compost, and trash pick up services for residential and businesses.

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