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In December, Randy’s was acquired by Republic Services.  We are now operating as Randy’s Sanitation, a Republic Services Company.  Our local team is excited that this transition offers the best of both worlds: we have the support and resources of a national organization with a family-owned history and culture.  We will continue to provide the same great service you have come to expect.  Our local customer service representatives are here to help.  If you have a question please give us a call at (763) 972-3335.

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, the chances of wasted food and paper products ending up in trash bins increases. Although wanting to throw away uneaten food from your guests’ plates is understandable, there are much more sustainable options available. In recent years, the idea of composting has been becoming more and more popular. Many environmental services now offer composting and organic recycling services. So, as you host Thanksgiving for your family and friends, consider using the easy and sustainable waste management options mentioned in this blog post.


What is Compost?

Compost is decaying food materials and food-soiled paper waste that can be used for fertilization. Rather than throwing the organic food or used paper products away, one can set the waste aside so someone can use the matter later. This waste is commonly turned into soil for produce farms, lawn care, and even gardens.

When someone chooses to compost their food waste or food-soiled paper, it gives the waste a new life. The reuse of the composted material not only benefits the environment, but it also ensures the food doesn’t go to waste in the landfill.

For Thanksgiving specifically, a large amount of food can go to waste as people often overcook to ensure they can feed their entire family. Also, when food is leftover on your guest’s plates, you likely don’t want to save it for later. This is why composting food is a great option for the holiday.


What Can You Compost?

If it is your first time composting this Thanksgiving, it’s important to know what you can and cannot compost. For the most part, if it’s food, it can be composted. So, fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, eggshells, meat, and even bones can go in your compost bin. Also, paper plates and cups without plastic lining from your holiday celebration can be composted. Outside of your holiday celebration, cotton balls, coffee filters and grounds, floral trimmings, and many other organic materials can go in your compost.


What Can’t You Compost?

Although a material is used to store food, it does not mean it can be composted. For example, twist ties from bread bags or produce bags cannot breakdown in your compost bin. Also, the staples in tea bags cannot be composted, so they must be removed if you would like to compost your teabags. Additionally, the fat drainings from your meat or cooking oils cannot be put in your compost bin. Other than these materials and items, anything that is not from the ground, not from an animal, or made from plastic cannot go to a compost site. Everything that goes in your compost bin must be able to decay, which metals and plastics cannot.


Randy’s Blue Bag Organics

At Randy’s Environmental Services, we provide our clients with an easy option for disposing their food and paper waste. With our Blue Bag Organics service, we provide 13-gallon blue bags to line our clients’ compost buckets. These bags are 100% BPI Compostable and are designed to breakdown along with the waste. Our clients put their food and food-soiled paper waste in these compostable bags, then place them in the regular curbside trash bins. At our facility, the blue bags are sorted out, and taken to a composting site so it can be turned into nutrient-rich soil.

With the Blue Bag Organics service, residents can dispose of food waste in an easy and sustainable way. In fact, it’s just as easy as throwing away any other garbage or recyclable material. But, rather than letting the food or food-soiled paper go to waste, it is used as soil for gardens or produce farms.


Try Composting This Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, try composting the food your guests and family don’t eat. You will be surprised how easy it is to compost your food and paper waste, and you will be benefiting the environment. Give us a call to check availability in your community!

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