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Can Plastic Bags, Wrap, and Film Be Recycled?

Despite being made of recyclable materials, plastic bags, wrap, and film cannot be recycled with plastic containers in your curbside cart. Although it would make it much easier to put these items in your recycling bin, there are many complications that may occur if you do. So, let’s cover why these items should not be put in your recycling bin and other recycling options for them.


What Are These Items?

There are many different plastic items that must be recycled differently. This means they should not be thrown into your recycling bin to be picked up. Unfortunately, some of these items are the most commonly used plastics in households. Below, you will see some examples of thin plastics that should not be put in your recycling bin.


Plastic Bags

There are many situations in which you will receive plastic bags. One common way is when you go grocery shopping. For every few items, you are given a plastic bag to help transport your groceries. Similarly, there are plastic produce bags that you get from the grocery store. When you go shopping at retail stores, you are likely to receive a plastic bag there as well. Other examples include unused garbage bags, unused pet waste bags, and newspaper bags.


Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is commonly used to protect leftover food from the air. It works as a great seal to help the food stay fresh for longer. Plastic wrap is also used during moving to protect furniture or dishes from suffering damage. This item is a household staple for many people in Western cultures, specifically North America.


Plastic Film

Plastic film is often used as an umbrella term for very thin plastic items. Some common items that are considered plastic film are zip-top sandwich or gallon bags, bathroom tissue wraps, paper towel wraps, bread bags, and many others. A great way to know if something is a plastic film is if it is thin and has a filmy texture.


Why These Items Are Not Recyclable

For all of these items, they should not be put in your recycling bin because of the machinery used at recycling plants. The machinery is built for stronger plastic such as water bottles, plant pots, and milk jugs. Thin plastics are very susceptible to getting stuck in the machinery used to break down stronger plastics. Additionally, thin plastics such as plastic bags must be recycled with different machinery than the harder plastics. This is why you should not put your plastic bags, wraps, and film in your recycling bin.


How to Properly Recycle Plastic Bags, Wrap, and Film

There are a few easy ways to recycle your thin plastics. For one, you can look to see where a thin plastic recycling plant is near you. Then, you can call them and get information on when and how you should drop off your plastic items. Another easy option is to drop it off at a local grocery store. Many large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and even Coburn’s have plastic bag drop off boxes in their stores. From there, the plastic bags are brought to the proper recycling plant and are turned into another item. This is typically the easiest option for people, as they can drop off their bags each time they go to the grocery store.


We hope this blog post helped explain why thin plastic materials such as plastic bags, wraps, and films should not go in your recycling bin. If you are looking for a recycling pickup service in the greater Minneapolis metro area, please feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss our pickup services and what we are doing to make the planet a cleaner place.









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