Why You Should Avoid Putting Holiday Lights and Other Tanglers in the Recycling Bin

There are many things that should not be put in the recycling bin. Some of these things are made of recyclable material, but they still should always be put in the trash. These items are commonly referred to as “tanglers” and they refer to items such as holiday lights, hoses, ropes, and other cords that are easily tangled. Below, we tell you exactly why you should avoid putting these things in your recycling bin.

Why You Should Not Recycle Tanglers

4 Simple Fall Waste & Recycling Tips


1. Keep 3 bins in the house: Trash, Recycling, Organics

2019 4th of July Week Notice:

Routes will run normal on Monday July 1st through Wednesday July 3rd. Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th routes will run one day late.

Route pick up times can change for one reason or another, so please have carts out by 6:00 a.m. or the night before to assure pick up.

Dear Customer, Since 1994 Hennepin County has required all waste haulers to charge a Hennepin County Solid Waste Management Fee for all trash collection sevice provided to customers located within the County. Per the Ordinance requirement, this fee has always been listed as a separate line item on your invoice.

Hello, Everyone! Just a friendly reminder for trash, recycle, and yard waste cart placement!

Tuesday is Christmas! And since our people get the day off to celebrate, all scheduled residential trash and recycling routes from Tuesday thru Friday will run 1 day late. The same schedule applies for New Year's week. Reminder - Especially this time of year when route pick up times can change for one reason or another, we need to ask you to please have carts out by 6:00 a.m.

Believe it or not, here a

It took twenty years to build the Egyptian Pyramids -  Only one weekend to create these Minnesota Pyramids.